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Find all the info about paintball here.

Take a look at our paintball equipment here.

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Take a look at our paintball equipment here.

You can easily check available dates on our booking page by selecting your desired activity and location. Below the selection pane a calendar will appear. All available dates and hours for that activity are shown. Be careful, this is not a booking! To book, you require to select the desired date and hour and fill out the rest of the question. When your booking has been finalised, you will get an automatic mail immediately! Didn't receive any mail? Make sure to check your spam. If you also find nothing there, you might still need to complete some more details in the booking windows up till the end or you might have made a typo in your mail address.

No. Payments are done at the end of your activity at The Gathering. All of a sudden some players ill or absent? Dad wants to play along? No problem at all! You only pay for the people that actually join the games.
We only ask a fee in advance for the catering of large groups (e.g teambuildings). You'll receive the necessary details in our quote if that is the case.

Unless we make a mistake, you should ALWAYS receive a confirmation mail from our side, next to the automatic mail. Normally you get it the same day or the day after when we double checked our calendar. Make sure to check your spam! If you can't find anything, feel free to give us a call!

Yes, all our customers are insured. Insurance is included in the prices mentioned on the site.

1) Location Schiplaken: parking spaces are available on site, Molenheidebaan 23. If this parking would be full, you can best use the parking of Sport Vlaanderen Hofstade (on the side of the Sportimonium). It's about a 10 minutes walk from there.

2) Location Holsbeek: you can park on the driveway of Gobbelsrode 119 or in front of the farm next to us (on the right). Please make sure the biking stroke is free at all times.

Payment is only due at the end of your activity. We accept payconiq or cash. Important note: payconiq needs to be installed and activated on your smartphone up front! We don't have a card terminal. If you prefer, you can also wire the money up front on account BE87 1030 5213 0494. We kindly ask to make one payment per group.

We are open every day! There are several sessions per day of 1,5 hours or 3 hours. From January 1ste 2023, all sessions will be 2 hours. We'll start at 9h, 11h30, 14h, 16h30 and during summer time also at 19h.
Check our availability here!

You are expected to be ready to play about 15 minutes early. During your session, time is foreseen to distribute and explain the equipment so no need to turn up early. If you would like to stay after your session to eat something, or have a chat with the other parents and have a drink, you may always use our terras or cafetaria. May we kindly ask not to interfere with the groups that are playing at that moment.

No panic! You can still change your activity up to 48h before the start of your activity via the automatic mail you received. At the bottom there is a button to change your booking to a later date. Don't seem to manage? Give us a call and we'll work it out together!
Big change of number? Make sure to let us know so we can provide sufficient amounts of equipment! We do not store any equipment at our location, so we have to make sure we bring sufficient amounts with us! Of course we cannot guarantee we can fix everything, but we promise to do our utter best! :-)

At the moment this is not possible yet. But we hope to change that soon!

Yep, there sure is! Each group will have its own host to explain you all the rules, tips and tricks! Also at any other point in time, any questions or request you might have, just ask your host. They're there to make sure your visit will be flawless!

Your playing slot is three hours. From January 1st 2023, all slots will become 2 hours.During this time several shorter games are played which last about 15-30 minutes each. In between we foresee some time to rest, drink or eat something. Our hosts will coordinate the games to such an extent that it will suit your needs when it comes to birthday presents or a little snack in between. Just let them know your wishes.

In fact, Belgium is not such a bad place after all when ik comes to rain and storms ☺. We see that in reality, we are rarely affected by the weather. In case there is just a little rain, we carry on like any good soccer team. Players barely feel it. For those observing the action from the side, we have a warm and cosy place for you to shelter. In case there is really a storm or the weather is just too bad to play outside, we will cancel the activity. But don't worry, this only happens about once a year.

Our activities are suited for young and old. Lasershooting starts at the age of 8 or above, paintball at the age of 10 with the kids, 13 for the junior and 16 or above for the master paintball. Everybody can play at their own pace: want to run a bit less, sit out a game and have a rest, all is possible.

In general: sporty spice outfit and good shoes (our terrain is not a golf course). Specifically for paintball: closed shoes. For those players that wear glasses: lenses in combination with the goggles are probably a better idea!

Lasershooting is absolutely painless. When playing paintball you will feel the impact of the paintballs. If everybody respects the rules however (don't shoot within 10 meters), no harm will be done. In addition you receive a coverall for the Junior and Master paintball and if desired, you can receive an additional harnas under your coverall to protect your chest and back.

In the meantime our cafetaria is a fact! But we want to continue the tradition that you can provide your own snacks. You can use our cooking plates and microwave for free in case you want to warm something (e.g. Hotdogs, pancakes, ...). We do kindly ask NOT to bring your own drinks. We offer a whole series of hot and cold drinks at our bar. You can also always receive tap water for free.

In Schiplaken bieden we op het terrein drank aan en wat kleine dingen om te eten (chips en marshmallows) en werken we samen met partners voor het aanbieden van BBQ, tapa's en/of paella of broodjes. Zie voor meer informatie bij “Catering”. In Holsbeek is er enkel drank verkrijgbaar OP AANVRAAG.

In Schiplaken we offer drinks and some small snacks (Chips, marshmallows) and collaborate with local partners for BBQs, tapas/paella or sandwiches. See our catering page for more information. In Holsbeek we only offer drinks upon request.

Yes. Our terrain in Schiplaken has a spacious cafetaria and a covered terras where you can sit. In Holsbeek we also provide a tent in case of dodgy weather.

Yes, we'll happily wrap a gift voucher for you for any desired amount for both paintball and lasershooting. Send us your request at hallo@TheGathering.be.

No. Unfortunately we do not rent equipment to third parties. But if our schedule allows it, we will gladly come to your place!

At the Gathering everything is possible! :-) During Corona, several people have demonstrated that you can have a great time playing one against one. But of course we advise to come with as many friends as possible, the more, the merrier! We do not change our minimal fixed prices however.

We never mix groups. The good news is that we will start organising open days starting from 2023. On open days everybody is welcome, with or without your own equipment. We'll try to plan them at fixed moments in the month so you know when they are likely to happen. Make sure to follow our Facebook for further details! Registration via mail is required!

We mengen nooit groepen. In 2023 zullen we ook starten met open dagen. Op die open dagen is iedereen die wil spelen welkom, met of zonder eigen materiaal. We gaan trachten die op vaste momenten in de maand te plannen zodat iedereen weet dat het op die momenten kan. Volg zeker Facebook voor verder info! Inschrijven via mail is verplicht!

Glad you asked! :-) Yes, we plan to start a team in 2023 and join competitions! If you're interested, be sure to let us know!

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