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Paintball - Lasershooting - Bushcraft

Open days - Next open day SUNDAY, November 19, 2023 - REGISTRATION REQUIRED

If you've never done paintball or lasershooting but want to give it a try, then the open days are perfect for you!

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We're glad you're on our team! And feel free to bring your accurate friends along! :-)

Do you want to take it to the next level beyond being a cool soccer player or racer? Then come play with The Gathering's paintball team!

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We raised 450€ on our first edition for #TheWarmsteWeek! Join us for the next edition on Wednesday, December 27, 2023!

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NEW! - Airsoft from 2024 in Schiplaken

In recent years, we have received more than one request whether it would be possible to play with airsoft equipment on our grounds in Schiplaken. Now it's almost here!

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NEW! - Adventure scavenger hunt

Our location right next to Sport Vlaanderen was ideal for a new challenge! Highly recommended for the detectives among us!

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NEW! - Bushcraft

Learn how to make fire? Learn how to tie knots? How to build a camp? And many more surprises!

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Birthday Party

Organize a Super Cool Birthday Party for Your Daughter or Son and Their Friends!

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bachelor or bachelorette party

Organizing the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party activity that your friend will love
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Enjoy a fantastic time with your group of friends, family, classmates, youth group, or sports club. As long as it's a fun crew!

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Organize a team-building activity that your colleagues will really enjoy!

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Company party

Organize a company party that everyone will talk about for weeks!

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On location

What if... we just come to you?
Crazy idea? Not at all, our lasershooting at your own location is perfectly possible.

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Catering and meeting rooms

Feeling a little hungry or really hungry? BBQ, Paella, a sandwich, halal, veggie? We have something for everyone!

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In the vicinity - Schiplaken

Our location in Schiplaken is ideally situated for discovering even more activities nearby.

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Gift Vouchers

The search for the perfect gift isn't always easy! We're here to lend a hand!

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